The Power of Digital Nudge: Moving Towards Public Transportation and Debunking False Beliefs. A Conceptual Framework: Structured Abstract

Year published: 2019
Publication type: Conference proceedings
Keywords: Feedback Nudge; Prompt nudge planning; Behavior Change; Public Transportation; Social Proof; Debunking false beliefs; Climate change

Despite its importance, the mechanism behind a digital nudge is understudied (Weinmann, Schneider and vom Brocke, 2015). Specifically, this study explores the working mechanism of a digital nudge and to what extent can the feedback nudge be used to reduce carbon footprint by influencing the transit behavior and debunk misinformation on climate change. To influence an individual’s behavior to traverse by public transportation as a daily medium of the commute this study investigates the use of social proof and social norm in digital nudges. This study explores the effectiveness of planning prompt nudge to close the intention and behavior gap.

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