Five behavioural ‘nudges’ to help drive culture change in your organisation

Year published: 2019
Publication type: Web Article
Keywords: Employee Behaviour, Nudges, Behavioural nudges

Let’s be honest: change is hard.

Whether it’s keeping up that new fitness regime or helping your colleagues to use a new tool, we are hard wired to resist disruption to our daily routine.

But with 70% of AMEC members reporting that clients are asking for increasingly sophisticated types of evaluation (rising to 92% of agency members!) it’s hard to argue that businesses need to adapt their approach to measurement.

Much of the lift sits with specialists to develop the approach you’ll use toward measurement and evaluation in your organisation. Once you’ve done that, however, is when the work really begins. Because developing an offering is only part of the battle – you also need to drive change within your organisation and get people using it.

So how can you make change stick in your organisation? Here are five behavioural science nudges to get you started.

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